Listen to a the songs of Jesus V. Luna playing his Indy ElectraSlide on his "My Space" site HERE!
These 3 tracks feature Jesus on his Indy ElectraSlide lap steel:

"Sol D'Hivern"
"El Joc Dels Possibles"

Sound file info -
. project's name: Jesus Luna & Jordi Sabat
. Jordi sabat: guitars
. Jesus Luna: lap steel & percussion
. Pere Costa: vocals

Also check out Jesus on this track:
"The Last Breath [end]"

Below is a picture of Jesus V. Luna playing his ElectraSlide model with his band at "La Vaqueria" in Tarragona, Spain -

Jesus' customized ElectraSlide with string bender bridge!

Jesus demonstrating his use of the multibender bridge on video: HERE.