Endorsing artist Stephen McElroy of The Australian Pink Floyd Show is currently using a highly customized version of my Indy RAIL model on tour. I will have some pix and info from Steve very soon!

Here's a video of Steve using his custom Indy RAIL on the song: ONE OF THESE DAYS - LIVE FROM HAMMERSMITH APOLLO JULY 2011

From Steve -

"Having toured with the Australian Pink Floyd Show for twenty years now the only time I've ever played a steel guitar was to perform Pink Floyd songs. David Gilmour seldom utilized steel guitar in the vast Floyd catalogue but when he did it was typically outstanding and his tone was simply "ear candy". For many years I used a modified strat or a Stienberger "stick" guitar in the horizontal position instead of a traditional steel guitar. I did this because I found I could achieve the tone much easier but it was always quite tricky to play. This was the case until I tried out a Fouke Indy Rail steel. My first impression was just how much easier it was to play. It felt great. Very comfortable and it enabled me to add more expression and detail to my picking and playing. It also had superb clarity, sustain and definition to the sound. Something that I could only attain with post effects and EQ etc using my old steel setup. This new Indy Rail steel just leaps out in the mix with a great classic character about it's tone. The custom pickups/switching and tone section that Chris kindly fitted provides me with total control and versatility so It's now the only steel I need to cover the entire Floyd catalogue. Although looks are low priority for our purposes I was also knocked out by just how cool these steel's look. Most of my playing is done in the darkness while our lights and projections take centre stage but these steel's look absolutely stunning and they are built beautifully. They also easily stand up to the heavy handed rigors of touring and literally eliminate any maintenance issues on tour. They are built like a tank! All in all I'm thrilled with my steel's and I would have gladly paid far more for them. Compared to anything else I've tried I think they are amazing and you couldn't find a friendlier company to deal with if you tried. Chris is a saint!"
- Steve Mac