"Steel Petals" is an original band out of Charleston, South Carolina. Simply put, their sound is an original blend of all things familar. Combining elements of blues, rock, alt country and funk, they began in early 2008 with one goal in mind, good songs from the South with catchy hooks, catchy riffs, and well thought lyrics. They began performing in 2008 and are rapidly becoming a regional favorite. Steel Petals plans to perform extensively and will soon be in the studio to record a full album.

NEW! 09/2012 Steel Petals new CD is being released in Oct 2012 entitled: "Ligero". Here are 2 tracks from the album: "Tonic's Place of Praise", and "The Calling":

Tonic's Place of Praise-MP3

The Calling-MP3

Here are some specifics on the 2 recordings from Blake Ohlson:

For the song Tonic's place of Praise, the rhythm guitar is the electraslide going into a zvex handmade box of rock and into a 65 amps Tupelo 1x12 combo. The solo and background fills feature the electraslide as well, this time through a rocktron talkbox and into a Roland Space Echo. ATM 25 mic for the amp running into a great river preamp and pro tools setup. The second song, "the Calling" uses the same recording chain. However this time I'm using a JMI tone bender and an Empress tremolo pedal. The solo combines a farfisa organ with the steel using a Fulltone Clyde deluxe wah to create an instrument all it's own!

NEW! 5/2010 - Check out the 2010 CD at their website www.steelpetals.net , and also hear this soundfile of one of the songs featuring Blake Ohlson on his Industrial Lap Steel: Tecumseh-MP3

Here's a new soundfile from there upcoming CD (2009), entitled "The Tides". All the electric slide work is on the 6 string electroslide. Blake Ohlson does all the guitars and lead vocals. He's playing his ElectraSlide through a Dr. Z rt 66 amp along with a zvex box of rock overdrive pedal. The solo work is using a rocktron talk box. Enjoy! The Tides.

Steel Petals has a song file "Satellite Blues" featuring a custom Industrial ElectraSlide lap steel here: "Satellite Blues". Another new song file from them is Home Team Tecumseh"Also check out their live performance video of the song in the youTube player below:

...And their latest battle of the bands winning performance below (parts 1 & 2):