DAN WALSH - Dobro, Lap Steel & Baritone Guitar player for award winning Canadian artists Fred Eaglesmith, Romi Mayes, Brock Zeman & many others, endorses Fouke Industrial Guitars. Dan is currently using custom made Industrial lap steels, and a custom Industrial Baritone guitar. Check out the DAN WALSH website for tour dates, and a chance to see Dan play his Industrials live onstage!

SOUND FILES using INDUSTRIAL Lap Steels and/or Baritone Guitar:

NEW for 2015!
NEW Dan Walsh song from his album "Lewp"

Texas Swing Freight Train Frying Pan Lap Steel & Dan Walsh Baritone Guitar Demo

DAN WALSH Industrial Lap Steel Blues Style Demo

Industrial Fry Pan Mini Acoustic Reso Demo

Dan Walsh's signature baritone lap steel demo

Soundfile recording info on Baritone demo:
It was recorded with the steel directly into an early 70's Fender Vibrochamp, using a Rode NT1 condensor on the front of the amp and a Marshall MXL2001 condensor on the back of the amp. Some reverb and delay were added during the mixing process on a Roland VS 2480.

Click Here for Dan Walsh Concert Photo Page

NEW! Dan Walsh's new 2006 CD release " Diesel and Smokes" is now available for purchase! (click on picture above). This album features Dan's Industrial lap steels and Baritone Guitar playing as well as other instruments and artists. There are 3 songs you can sample at Dan's site from the new album, and you can also sample them from Dan's "MySpace" site HERE